Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Are you interested in creating a blog? Would you like to share your interests with your friends? Maybe you should have a look at this blog!

This is not a common blog to learn English. It is rather a guide to create a blog while learning and improving your English in a communicative way. For this purpose, you will be working on the four communicative skills with hardly noticing it, through the different steps you must follow to create your own blog. Besides, you must go to the Grammar section and do the proposed activitites, which will help you in your speaking and writing.

In order to supplement the learning process, you are provided with several links according to your needs. Furthermore, you will find the links of some of the most influential and famous blogs on Internet, some of the most popular newspapers and magazines all over the world and some of the most popular TV websites.

At the end, you will not only be the author of a awesome blog, but you will also have improved all these skills which, as the picture below, form altogether the whole communicative competence.

Are you ready?  

               3,  2,  1 ...    
Stick your tongue out!